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Charlotte Ginsborg (England)

Tony & Charlotte (2005) 5,20min. Spade (2002) 3min

‘Tony and charlotte’ uses a split screen in order to depict two people as they attempt to shake hand with members of the general public. On one screen we see images of Tony Blair as he repeatedly meets and greets a variety of individuals and the other screen depicts the artist involved in a similar activity. Through the repetition of such a well-versed social action questions of intention, desire and social status are highlighted

‘Spade’ documents a journey through a selection of retail outlets in a typical south London High Street. At first we see documentary footage of people at work, behind counters, at desks, we then witness each character raising a garden spade to strike a defiant pose reminiscent of communist worker party imagery, their movements confined by their immediate architectural surroundings. Are the participants defiant, resigned or indifferent? Is this an act of protest or a humorous performance? What this action might actually mean to those doing it and to those viewing it is left open to speculation.

Charlotte Ginsborg is a London based artist who works primarily in film and video. She graduated from MA fine art at Goldsmiths in 2002 and has since exhibited widely in the UK and abroad, winning the Mostyn Open in 2002, as well as showing in RADAR at the Venice Biennial in 2003. She has recently had a one-person show at the Jerwood Foundation (March 2006), where she showed her film ‘The Mirroring Cure’ a half hour 16mm film commissioned as a public art project by Land Securities and Westminster Council.

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Charlotte Ginsborg