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Giacomo Picca (Brazil)

I am a celebrity… and I’ve blown my cool (2006) 5min

The structure of the narrative is based on the mythological story of Narcissus. The character lost in the urban landscape tries to come to terms with his different personalities, constructed by images of his past that are constantly reflected in the new realities of the present as an immigrant.


Giacomo Picca is an artist working in different mediums, from paintings to social engaged works. Recently he has curated the show draw_drawing_2 as a project for the London Biennale 2006. He has also been commissioned to do a piece of work for the First Conference of the Art in Society, part of the Edinburgh Arts Festival. He did a Ba at Wimbledon School of Art and finished his Ma at Goldsmiths College in 2000.

Paul O'Neill

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