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Martine Aballéa  (USA - France)

Love in Luminaville
(2003) 3 min.

'Love in Luminaville’ is a slide-show of colour photographs originally printed on aluminium (100x150cm - edition of 3 - Courtesy Art Concept, Paris).“..

.The atmospheres are often elusive, caught in impressions of intermediacy and half-sleep. No subjects, frames in which each person can project themself, images, again, to be inhabited rather than looked at. Mental images, mirrors or houses: they are made to be penetrated like a fragile membrane inviting us over the other side. Images, then, like so many generic motifs, imaginary standards, never absorbed in the precision of a period, without characters, and thus open to all possible projections. Refusing to be the prisoner of high art, it borrows popular clichés, using minority or vernacular aesthetics and chartering them for the largest possible number of passengers..."
Extract from "Mutant moods" by Franck Perrin, in the catalogue of the exhibition Hôtel Passager, ARC, Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, Éditions des Musées de la Ville de Paris, Paris-Musées, 1999. Martine Aballéa was born in New york in 1950. She now lives and work in Paris. Her work is represented by Art Concept Gallery.

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