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Anthony Gross (England)

1000 Years Empire (split/loop) (2006) 4min

'1000 Years Empire (split/loop)' is a symbolic broadcast, a scan of an environment somewhere in time seen through someone's eyes. The fictional viewer scans a room full of objects and teleports through a timepiece, looping through alternate experiences of place and non place. The looping work is a formal construct - each object is a download of an existing 3D model sourced from online communities. Each object has assigned sounds that are made up of pre-existing samples found online. There are slight differences with each loop that plays on memory or the experience of perception.

As with previous works by Gross emptiness and surface is in balance with immersion and meaning. Object, sounds and camera angles have been selected that create an exaggerated sense of place, mood or potential narrative, drawing on cinematic tropes including the devices of horror and science fiction films.

Gross has shown in group shows in the UK and abroad, including 'Fiction & Love', at MoCA Shanghai, 'Art Futures', Bloomberg Space; 'BEYOND', the 2nd Guangzhou Triennial, Guangdong Museum of Art, Guangzhou, China; 'Art Sheffield 05. Spectator T', Sheffield; 'Infrastructure', Studio Voltaire, London; 'BLOC', County Hall, London and The Economist, London (all 2005/06). Solo shows include Platform for Art, Piccadilly Circus 2006 and upcoming shows include a large scale sculptural installation as part of a satellite project coinciding with the Shanghai  Biennale, Sep 2006.

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