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Charlotte Ginsborg (England)

The Mirroring Cure (2006)16mm transfer on dvd. 27min.

Tracing the life of a large construction site from demolition to the completion of new office space, 'The Mirroring Cure' focuses on people’s relationship to their built environment, highlighting the complexity of personal identities formed through being at work. The film is told from the point of view of the company secretary who has decided to carry out interviews with those employed around her. We witness her fascination with one of the architects whom she discovers suffers from a loss of balance, exacerbated by the large scale of the site. She becomes intrigued by the bizarre and surreal cure he develops to cope with his affliction. Cutting between ‘live’ interview footage and scripted action the film incorporates fictional and documentary elements leaving the viewer unsure as to where reality lies.

Charlotte Ginsborg is a London based artist who works primarily in film and video. She graduated from MA fine art at Goldsmiths in 2002 and has since exhibited widely in the UK and abroad, winning the Mostyn Open in 2002, as well as showing in RADAR at the Venice Biennial in 2003. She has recently had a one-person show at the Jerwood Foundation (March 2006), where she showed her film ‘The Mirroring Cure’ a half hour 16mm film commissioned as a public art project by Land Securities and Westminster Council.

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