Moving in architecture

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Martine Aballéa


Charlotte Ginsborg

Cyril Lepetit


Goshka Macuga

Shezad Dawood

Cyril Lepetit (France)

Ceiling of art (2004) 10 mins

The Ceiling of Art series is part of a process started in 2002 (Rome). It is now composed of 27 paintings realised in different contexts such as a de-consecrated convent, a gallery exhibition space and a garden of nettles. This film begins with a visit to the Vatican and continues under the ceilings of the Taidehalli Museum, Kunsthalle Helsinki, for the exhibition “Là-bas” (2003).

Cyril Lepetit was born in Cherbourg, France. He studied at École Léon Blum, Collège Denis Diderot, Lycée Jean-François Millet, the École Supérieure des Beaux-arts de Caen and the Ulster College of Art, Belfast (1989-1995). In 1999, after living in Paris for several years, he went to Japan and Taiwan for a residency and a series of exhibitions. In 2000 he came to live and work in London. He presents his work internationaly.

Recent group exhibitions include: ‘+si affinité’ Fiac, Abattoirs, Musée d’art contemporain de Toulouse (2006); ‘Free Play’ Ha Prestegard, Stavanger, Norway (2006); ‘Metropolis Rize: New Art from London’ DIAF, 798 Space, Beijing & Design Centre, Shangai (2006); Daily Noise, LeRoy Neiman Gallery, Columbia University, New York (2006); ‘London in Six Easy Steps’ (curated by Guy Brett & David Medalla), ICA (2005). Rencontre International d’Art Performance' Le Lieu, Centre Art Actuel, Québec (2004); 'Made in Taïwan' Whashang-Art-District, Taipei; 'NIPAF’ Kid Ailack Hall, Meidaimae, Tokyo. Recent solo exhibitions include: ‘One of us, or more’ Afondation, Museum Man, Liverpool; ‘Naïve Exhibition’ TRACE Gallery, Cardiff (2005); ‘Respectful Infidelity’ WHARF Centre d'art contemporain Basse-Normandie, France (2004).

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