Moving in architecture

with thanks to Jenni Lomax and Ben Roberts


Martine Aballéa


Charlotte Ginsborg

Cyril Lepetit


Goshka Macuga

Shezad Dawood

Graeme Miller  (England)

Lonesome Way (2003) 7 min

The work constructs a Country and Western song whose lyrics are culled from details of a 360 degree pan around a neighbourhood of South London whose streets include 'Lonesome Way'.

Miller is a theatre maker, composer and artist. Emerging from the bold and influential stage work of Impact Theatre Co-operative in the 1980s, a group he co-founded, his own work now embraces a wide range of media. With the idea of being "a composer of many things that may include music", he has made theatre, dance, installations and interventions which often share a sense that they are structures made from fragments of actuality, composed into resonant landscapes. If there is an underlying narrative to all his work, it concerns the struggle to make sense of the world and the building of new half-sacred, half-profane worlds from the fragments of the real one.

Paul O'Neill

Van Mc Elwee

Martin Zet

Christophe Boulanger

Anthony Gross

Yu-Chen Wang

Simon Aeppli

Graeme Miller