Moving in architecture

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Goshka Macuga

Shezad Dawood

Paul Hendrikse (Holland)

You and I are quickly flattered (2004) 3 min

Installation build around two dormer-windows in Lokaal 01, Antwerp. The construction (re)framed the (sun) light that was  coming in through the dormer-windows.

An important starting point in my work is escape, which may concern the escape from systems, order or codes in society and the mind. I try to lift the everyday to the specific and make this into the core of my work. A normal gesture, an architectonic rhythm, a walk, a simple behavioural pattern, an unexpected movement or a strange moment: I try to enlighten or frame situations in a subtle way, so that they become noticed instead of passed by silently. Once in a while I stage in my work: I create conditions in which I try to evoke an ‘event’. Over the last two years I have noticed how many of my works are ‘moments in-between’. By taking those moments out of their normal context, I create a different reading of the actual time and event: the moment becomes meaningful through its received emphasis.

Paul Hendrikse was born in Terneuzen, the Netherlands (1977). He studied Architecture, at the Antwerp Fine Art Academy, Belgium. He currently has a residency at the Jan Van Eyck Academie Maastricht, Netherlands.  He is also doing a PhD at the Post Academic Institute for Research and Production, Maastricht.

His work has been recently shown at the Keith Talent Gallery, London; STUK, Leuven, Belgium; in the International Exhibitionist film programme, Curzon Soho cinema, London and the ‘Vehicle Lecture’ at the Jan van Eyck Academie.

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