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Martine Aballéa


Charlotte Ginsborg

Cyril Lepetit


Goshka Macuga

Shezad Dawood

Simon Aeppli (Northern Ireland)

Eden (2004) 15 min

Eden, in Northern Ireland, shares few of the qualities of its namesake. It exists around the perimeter fence of one of Ireland's largest power stations. This portrait of Simon Aeppli's hometown forms the basis of a video that explores a run down half forgotten place. Focusing on Eden's residents, the work reveals a place filled with eccentricity, humour and beauty.

Simon Aeppli was born in Belfast in 1972. He now lives and works in London as filmmaker and part-time lecturer. Recently he has been working with documentary to create portraits of people who appear to dwell on the fringe of society and whose life styles are unconventional. Simon’s films have been screened throughout Britain and Abroad and broadcast on ITV London, Channel 4 and FIVE

Paul O'Neill

Van Mc Elwee

Martin Zet

Christophe Boulanger

Anthony Gross

Yu-Chen Wang

Simon Aeppli

Graeme Miller