Curzon Soho
Shaftesbury Avenue,
London, W1D 5DY
Sunday 6th December 2009
10:00 to 11:45 AM
After the screening:
Dr. Isobel Whitelegg will be in conversation with the filmmaker.
This is a Private Preview hosted v by Cyril Lepetit
Please RSVP:lepetit.cyril(at)
Boris Gerrets
Boris Gerrets is an artist, filmmaker and film-editor. He lives and works between London and Amsterdam. Born into a Bulgarian-German family he grew-up in the Netherlands, Spain, Sierra Leone and Germany. He obtained his MFA at the Düsseldorf Art Academy (1976) Over the past years Gerrets has made films that deal with urban space. Garden Stories (2003) – filmed in St Petersburg, RU and Detroit, USA – is an investigation into the relationship between the urban and the rural. It has been shown extensively around the world, often in the context of new ideas about urban planning and ecology. Driving Dreams (2006), is a study of ‘non-place’, the anonymity of the car-zone: motorways, petrol stations, parking-lots and cars. It was filmed in the Netherlands. His latest film People I Could Have Been and Maybe Am, soon to be premiered, is based on two chance encounters in the streets of London. Currently, Gerrets is researching a new film, White Elephants, about hidden stories of failed development projects in West Africa. Gerrets’ current work and methodology relies heavily on his multidisciplinary background. Prior to filmmaking he has been working in drawing, installation and also physical-theater where he was interested in the dramaturgy of montage, exploring the relationship between performativity and perception. Sparked by a number of journeys to postwar Lebanon and Iraq in the mid-nineties, he investigated political and cultural dynamics of conflict zones and their relation to perception. This had led to the film Invisible (1995), in which he addresses the restrictions placed upon him by the authorities in Iraq and Mindfields (2002) an installation around a series of rhizomatic drawings that attempted to create non-hierarchical, de-politisised form.
Boris Gerrets has toured and shown his work internationally in exhibitions, film and video festivals: Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam 1986; documenta 8 Kassel (Cloud Chamber) 1987; Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian Lissbon 1989; Springdance Utrecht 1988/90; Centre d'Art Contemporain, Caen; Videopositive, Tate Gallery Liverpool 1995; Impact Festival, Utrecht 1995/96/98; Kiasma Museum of Modern Art, Helsinki 2002; Nederlands Film Festival Utrecht (2003/4/6); International Documentary Filmfestival Amsterdam 2006.
He is a recipient of numerous grants for his theatrical work, his visual art and his films: The Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture (BKVB); Amsterdam Art Foundation (AFK); the Dutch Foundation for Performing Arts (FvPK); Dutch Filmfund (NFF); the Dutch Fund for Cultural Broadcast (Stifo). He has had various TV commissions (NPS, Ikon). His teaching and advisory commissions include DasArts (Amsterdam School/Advanced Research in Theatre and dance), Rijksacademie Amsterdam, AKI-ArtEZ  Academy for Visual Arts Enschede (University Twente). At graduation in Düsseldorf he received the Ernst-Poensgen travel grant (1976) and in Amsterdam he received the choreography prize of the Amsterdam Art Foundation (1989)