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Hayoun Kwon

Maya Da-Rin

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Hayoun KWON

French with subtitles


Promotion : Pina Bausch
Producer : Le Fresnoy
Music : Scanner
Artistic advisor : Scanner, Madeleine Van Doren, Daniel Dobbels et Arnaud Laporte

Genre : animation
Themes : society, exile, exude, memory, politic,

Synopsis : In Nigeria, to be a twin can be a blessing or a curse. The father of O is the village chief, a witch doctor who believes in the curse of twins. One day, this witch doctor tried to kill his two sons during a ritual ceremony: O managed to escape but saw his brother being murdered. Having fled across his country, he succeeded, by chance, in leaving Nigeria and going into exile in France. In this context, he applied for asylum but his application was refused because he could not produce any proof...

This project is carried out with the extract of an interview with CCC.
(Vigilance Committee to defend the rights of foreigners.)
Apart from the fact that I'm foreign, I'm interested in the reconstruction of memory and the fictional dimension of testimony. It is about credibility. Testify to an experience when we can not provide evidence, is evidence itself, according to its credibility. I wanted to give substance to this story transparent.


Hayoun Kwon
Born in Seoul in 1981.
She got a DNSEP at the art school of Nantes, wrote an essay about picture-movement at the Sorbonne university in Paris, and got into the studio Le Fresnoy - National Studio of contemporary arts.
she practice performance and video installation, documentary, animation.
She has hitherto produced 26 short videos, highly emotionally charged. This compact form that she calls "poem-instant/moment?" enables her to set going simple sketches in a short period of time (one minute on average) with limited vocabulary (one action, one place, one idea...), which display a large range of emotions despite their outspoken aspect. Her uninhibited graphics produce caustic micro-films mixing documentary pictures and auto-fiction in which we can half-consciously taste typical ingredients of her art: unpretentiousness, free writing and humour.
Hayoun especially explores the story of her country and the difficult and complex relationships it has been maintaining with Japan.

Currently she is developing a documentary animation on social imprisonment.